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Unplugged ~ This is the high definition the Acoustic Soul, the most desired album of Aaron Lordson. Aaron Lordson is one rare bird on the music scene.
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Unplugged ~ Produced in 2006. Great songs and easy listening.
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Sensual&Warm ~ The album featuring the ultimate love songs and most relaxing album of Aaron Lordson. Make your pre-order now! .

Aaron Lordson. Acoustic Performance
The acoustic performance of Mr Lordson gives you the best of him live with a perfect deep feeling. He is able to turn any event into an unforgettable moment. Mr Lordson has performed in many places around the World as he is known as that street musician who could make it only with the influence of his talent.
People recognizes his outstanding quality way of singing featuring a high range vocal capability. He also enjoys being accompanied sometimes by a four pieces soul band which he got together with some reputed musicians.